Make our facilities one of your assets.  The inventory we carry is the inventory you use.  Let us know your production needs and Best Choice will make it available for your production and emergency back-up stock requirements.

We are currently in a stage of light manufacturing:

  • Manifold Assembly
  • Panel Fabrication
  • Power Unit Assembly
  • Kitting or Sorting
  • Sub-assemblies

We can also embed your part numbers into our accounting system.  This allows us to place your order using your part number and the ability to track this through Order entry, Shipping, Receiving and Accounts Payable departments.

We can assist you with cash flow.  Blanket orders are the best way to ensure you have product ready for production with scheduled releases.  We can work with the factory to deliver the right amount of product into your facility.  This will result in paying only for the product you require.

KanBan Inventory is another option.  We’ve developed partnerships with many customers. This Partnership Contract allows us to deliver the exact amount of inventory to keep your bins filled to the level you determine.  This reduces your inventory Holding and Carrying Costs.

Immediate Response Shipping Requirements.  Once production or emergency stock is in place, we can ship from our facility to your customer using your packing list.  This reduces the amount of stock you carry and increases the response to your customers’ needs keeping you focused on current production requirements.

Custom Components.  Private Labeling is another effective means to use your Best Choice. We have hand selected vendors that we can work closely with to private label or custom fabricate components to drive your end customers back to you for service parts. We can demonstrate this through custom manifolds, OEM part numbering and OEM logo’s.  What better way to help retain your profitability.