High Pressure

Up to150,000 psi Stainless Steel Tubing, Fittings, Ball, Relief, Needle Valves, Check valves, Subsea and In Line Filters and Gauges

BVA 10,000 psi High Pressure Hand, Pneumatic, Electric and Engine driven Pumps, Single and Double Acting Ram/Bottle Jacks, and Shop Presses

Dynex  10,000 to 15,000 psi Check Ball Pumps, Motors, Directional, Pressure and Flow Control Valves

Haskel  130,000 psi Liquid Reciprocating Pumps

A.W. Lake
 6000 psi Stainless Steel Flow meters

10,000 psi Stainless Steel Pressure Relief and Regulating Valves for Gas and Liquid Analyzer System

 12,000 psi Ball Valves, 5" ball valve and 5000 psi, 9000 psi Test Hose and Fittings, 6000 psi Filters

Wilkerson  High pressure Pneumatic Regulators

Yuken  5080 psi Axial Variable Piston Pumps