Line Card / Products

ACT Sensors
Level and Temperature, single, dual and multiple set points for increase and decreasing units.

Mechanical, Manual, Solenoid and Pneumatic pilot valves, Air Logic, Cylinders, Rod-less Cylinders.  Air Preparation and Vacuum.

American Industrial
Shell and Tube heat exchangers

Automatic Valve
Mechanical, Manual, Solenoid and Pneumatic pilot valves. Namur, ISO 5599/1, SAE Automotive valves

Base Engineering Inc.
Radio Remote Controls for Mobile and Industrial markets

Interchange elements, ball valves Filter Assemblies and Accessories

Brennan Industries
Fittings and adapters for American and International threads for pipe, tube and flared connections

Bucher Hydraulics
Hydraulic Gear Pumps and Motors, Directional Monoblock or Sectional Spool Valves. Solenoid, Spool, Poppet, Proportional Cartridge valves.

BVA Hydraulics
Hydraulic Jacks and Pumps with Accessories for High Pressure work tools.

Mechanical, Manual, Solenoid and Pneumatic Pilot Valves.  Air Logic, Cylinders, Guided and Rodless Cylinders.  Pneumatic fittings and inline flow controls and locks in all thread types

Bucher Hydraulics - Illinois, Inc. / Command Controls Corp.
5000 psi Hydraulic Cartridge Valves. Proportional, Directional, Pressure, Logic.

Daman Products Company, Inc.
Ductile Iron and Aluminum manifolds for both standard NFPA and ISO patterns to Customized solutions

Dinamic Oil
Winches, Planetary Drives, Slew Drives

DMIC / Delaware Manufacturing Industries Corporation
Specialty Valves and Plumbing

Freelin Wade
Plastic Tubing Manufacturer: Polyurethane, Nylon, Vinyl and Polyethylene Tubing. Specialty tubing and coils.


Hydraulic and Pneumatic Rod-less Cylinders, NFPA Tie-rod Cylinders and Power Tubes.

Heco Gear

Planetary Speed Reducers for  SAE A to SAE D Hydraulic Motor input.

KTI Hydraulics Inc.
AC and DC Hydraulic power units with remote pendant controls.


Precise Low Speed, High torque Hydraulic Motors.  12in³ to 536 in³ displacement and up to 4000 psi.

Lake Monitor

Flow meters, Flow Alarms, Flow Sensors and Hydraulic Analyzers for Hydraulic, Air and Other Media.


Hydraulic Reservoirs, Pump/Motor Adapters, Drive Couplings and Hydraulic Accessories.

Main Filter Inc.
Hydraulic Replacement Filter Elements


Pneumatic Cylinder, Directional Valves, Air Logic, Two Hand Tie Down, Flow Controls and Air Presses.


Hydraulic Oil and Brake Fluid Controls for Brake Systems. Caliper, Disc, Wet & Dry Modular Brakes SAE A through D, Master Cylinders, Charge Valves, Pedals, Cylinders and Actuators.

Milwaukee Cylinder
Standard range of Hydraulic and Pneumatic NFPA Tie-rod Cylinders in Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum construction.  Specials are their Standard.

Nachi Hydraulics

Hydraulic Piston, Vane and Gear Pumps, Directional Valves, Modular Valves, Proportional Valves and Power units.

Parker / Telepneumatic
Industrial Automation Controls Valves.  Mechanical, Solenoid, Manual, Pilot Operated, Logic Elements and other Controls.


Hydraulic Gear Pumps and Motors.  Cast Iron, Aluminum, Single, Double and Triple construction.


Hydraulic Gerotor and Geroller Motors, Valves, Steering, Slew Drives & Bearings, Wheel and Track Planetary Gear Drives.


Hydraulic Filtration, Diagnostic Testing Equipment, Ball Valves, Hydraulic Accumulators, Clamps and Accessories.

Electric Motors, Variable Frequency Drives, Inverter Duty Motors and Starter Panels.

Wilkerson Corporation

Modular Pneumatic Filter, Regulator and Lubricator (FRL's), Separators, Dryers, Drains, Compressors, Proportional Valves and Emergency Stops.


Hydraulic Piston and Vane Pumps, Directional, Proportional, Servo, Modular, Solenoid, Mechanical, Pilot operated  NFPA Sub Plate and Line Mount Valves. Actuators and Accessories.